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Cruise on Over to Ringler's New Blog

Dear Colleague,

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power, and sharing knowledge has long been a cornerstone value at Ringler. Hence the IN YOUR INTEREST newsletter and the many other resources we provide to our clients and injured people. Ringler recently added to that repertoire with "Settlements & Solutions," a new blog with the stated purpose of "offering settlement solutions for financial stability, prosperity, and peace of mind." Here you will find a range of topics that speak to injured people as well as attorneys and insurance professionals. New articles are published the first week of every month.


Warrior to Peacemaker: Trial Attorney Turned Mediator on Successful Mediations

Ron Bankston

Simply put, a mediator’s job is to help negotiate a solution that both sides in a legal dispute can accept. As a successful trial lawyer, Ron Bankston participated in many mediations on behalf of his clients. Intrigued by the role of a mediator, he decided to do some training in mediation, hoping it would help him better represent his clients during settlement negotiations. He discovered a passion for assisting people in resolving their differences and has since become a nationally recognized mediator. Now Ron shares four tips on preparing for a successful mediation with you!


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