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Don't Invite Food Poisoning Over for the Holidays

Dear Colleague,

Since most food contamination happens at home, here are a few tips from the CDC to keep your holiday season tasty AND healthy.

• Clean before and after handling food, including hands and surfaces.
• Minimize the chances of cross-contaminating by using separate cutting boards for meat and produce.
• Use a food thermometer to ensure a safe minimum internal temperature.
• The longer food sits out, the greater the chance of contamination. Refrigerate promptly in airtight containers.

And the very best wishes from all of us here for a peaceful, joyful holiday!


Research Proves People Are Happier
When They Choose Guaranteed Income

Pocket Knife

Peace of mind. 

We throw that phrase around often when touting the benefits of a structured settlement to the long-term well-being of injury victims and their families. But is it true? Is there more than anecdotal evidence and sales speak proving that people are less stressed, healthier, and enjoy life more when they don’t have to worry about some or all of their income?

The answer is “Yes” based on a surprisingly deep body of research that stretches from The Rand Corporation to The Wall Street Journal to Forbes to the New School for Social Research and more. The lessons herein are not just consequential for injured people; they also may change the way you look at your own retirement.


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