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Dear Colleague,

We’ve all cut down on face-to-face meetings during this pandemic in the interest of health and safety. Thus, everyone is looking for ways to provide injured people and their families with easy online access to the information they need during settlement negotiations.

When settlement planning and structured settlements come up, know that we have you covered at RinglerAssociates.com. Our website speaks directly to injured people about their concerns and how structured settlements are designed exclusively to protect their financial interests.



“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin

The U.S. budget deficit normally approaches one trillion dollars a year. This year, with stimulus spending, it will approach FOUR TIMES that level. Additionally, there is talk of capping itemized deductions as well as modifying capital gains and dividend treatment. Inasmuch as storm clouds herald rain, current events strongly indicate future tax increases ... or what some have dubbed a possible “taxmageddon!”

Meanwhile, the financial planning world is all abuzz about tax strategies that may be applied to this emerging landscape of increased taxes. While structured settlements have always been a foundational vehicle in ensuring accident victims and their families have the resources they will need in the future, given the gathering “tax clouds” their tax-favored status may make them that much MORE attractive.

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