Roundup on the hotseat with two of the top 10 verdicts for 2023.

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2023 Top 10 Personal Injury Verdicts

Roundup on the Hotseat at Number One After $1.56 Billion Ruling


#2: A Pennsylvania man won $976.4 million after the seatbelt in his 1992 Mitsubishi “literally ripped itself apart” during a crash.

2023 was a tough year for Bayer, maker of the widely-used pesticide Roundup. After winning nine previous trials against claims that its product causes cancer, the company lost four in a row, including numbers one and nine in the year’s top 10 verdicts. For faithful IN YOUR INTEREST readers, here’s our exclusive report on all the headline-grabbing personal injury verdicts for 2023.


Advantage Prudential, Income Advantage That Is

Prudential’s new Income Advantage structured settlement option is indexed for growth opportunities.


Suze Orman Weighs In

Lump sum vs. structured settlement: Nationally-known personal finance guru Suze Orman drops some wisdom.


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