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It's All About Relationships

E-mail marketing, and in particular the customized and personal nature of IN YOUR INTEREST, lends itself perfectly to maintaining and enhancing your relationships with key referral sources. Why? Because e-mail marketing done right is personal, relevant and anticipated.

  • Personal: As a structured settlement consultant, you have established a trusted, and in many cases, pivotal relationship in the business success of your clients. Messages from you carry much greater significance and cut through today’s thick communication clutter.

  • Relevant: Effective marketing communication must FIRST answer the prospect’s question, “What’s in it for me?” IN YOUR INTEREST responds by delivering helpful, timely information to attorneys, insurance professionals and other valuable referral sources.

  • Anticipated: Frequency is the linchpin of effective branding and top-of-mind awareness. Without repetition, your name will fade regardless of how effective you’ve been in past projects. Regular communication with a message deemed valuable by the client (rather than meaningless sales talk) earns long-term allegiance.

The Results

Theories sound good, but what about results? As you will note below, best-practice e-mail marketing is proven as one of the most effective and affordable tools in today’s marketing arsenal:

  • E-Mail: The Killer Ap
    Communication by e-mail is the most popular online activity for all age groups. In fact, studies show e-mail use is actually growing rather than declining with the rise of social media because the two are highly interdependent. And when it comes to promotions, 75 percent of all consumers say they prefer to receive permission-based updates from companies through e-mail, while 93 percent have said “yes” to receiving information via e-mail. Only 25 percent of consumers say the same for text messaging, 12 percent for social networks.
    Sources: Generations Online in 2009, Pew Internet & American Life Project; The Truth About Email Usage Trends in Multi-Channel Marketing, ExactTarget

  • Fortune 1000 Strongest Performer
    E-mail and e-mail newsletters were ranked first by 80 percent of more than 3,000 industry executives when asked which advertising channels performed the best for their companies in 2009. Newsletters were cited first (62 percent of the respondents) as a marketing tactic for the coming year. “How to engage customers and be more relevant in their everyday lives,” was cited as the most important online marketing challenge.
    Source: 3rd Annual Marketing and Media Survey, Datran Media

  • Stunning’ Return On Investment
    E-mail returned “a whopping $43.62 for every dollar spent on it in 2009, far outshining the ROI of other marketing channels.” Internet search advertising came in a distant second at $21.85 for every dollar spent.
    Source: Power of Direct Marketing Report, Direct Marketing Association

  • Growth Will Continue
    Investment in e-mail marketing will grow from $1.2 billion in 2009 to $2 billion by 2014. Why: e-mail remains the nation’s primary online communication tool, and it is overwhelmingly cost effective.
    Source: US Email Marketing Forecast, Forrester Research
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