What Consultants Are Saying
Positive Responses Flood in Immediately

It didn't take long for superb reviews to roll in for the inaugural issue of IN YOUR INTEREST. Its professionalism, thoughtful content and style have already made it an asset for Ringler's clients and consultants alike. (Click on overview charts to see larger images.) Here's what Ringler's consultants have to say:

  • "I received calls on two new claims this month from claim reps that I had not heard from in over a year. I had them on my distribution list for In Your Interest, and I am confident that without the e-mail distribution and quality of the newsletter, they probably would not have even thought about calling me on these cases." - Darren Jewett, Overland Park, KS
  • "The newsletter has been out for a day and I've already been asked to come in and do three presentations for a TPA, a law firm and a nurse/LCP group heavily involved with the local plaintiff's bar." - Mke Zea, Huntington Beach, CA

  • "A few hours after the newsletter hit people's inboxes, I received a request to quote a case for almost $1 million of premium from a plaintiff's attorney that I haven't spoken to in a while. I'm thinking that will cover this month's subscription cost." - Mark Vogel, Grand Rapids, MI
  • "I received a call from a CR that I have not received a case from in years about one hour after the newsletter went out! This is a great idea, and it will keep my name in front of my clients." - Brian Fillion, Medford, NJ
  • "I received three calls within 15 minutes of the newsletter being sent out by clients asking me to come in and give presentations to their claims staff. All because they were reminded of our service by the newsletter! An amazing tool to get in front of the existing clients that you don't see on a regular basis. Everyone should be using this." - Ryan Long, Overland Park, KS

What Clients Are Saying
A Surprising and Valuable ResourceStats

The intuitive format of IN YOUR INTEREST and its no-frills coverage of settlement hot topics makes it an ideal resource for Ringler's on-the-go clients. Here are some of the comments clients sent directly to participating Ringler consultants:

  • "A very classy product." - Peter Arnold, NSSTA

  • "Thanks for sending this. I will keep Ringler in mind for MSAs. I have also forwarded it to other attorneys in our offices." - WC Defense Attorney

  • "Great letter.┬áIt really does legitimize the position of the consultant and your efforts during the settlement of injury cases." - Plaintiff Attorney
  • "Pretty slick product, by the way. Could you be so kind as to add my personal e-mail to the distribution list?" - WC Claims Adjuster
  • "We are interested in learning more about your MSA services. Would you be able to come to our office to talk about what Ringler can offer?" - WC Claim Manager for Regional Insurer

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